Values & strengths

With our strong local presence and drive, our extensive knowledge and know-how and our excellence in service we want to create value to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Close customer relationships

Close customer relationships

Ipcom is a customer driven organisation. We continuously work closely together with our customers, further developing the market and finding adequate solutions for all challenges that come our way. With our down to earth mentality we live up to our promises. Listening to our customers, being at their service and advising and supporting them at all times is imbedded in the DNA of all IPCOM employees. We are more than happy to share our lives with our customers and ease their lives.

training and education

Knowledge and know-how

As a result of many years of experience and continuous training and education we have built up an extraordinary knowledge and know-how in thermal, acoustic and fire insulation. The experience we have gained working with many different insulation materials and all their possible applications has given us a unique know-how we are very happy to share with our customers.

Strong partnerships

Strong partnerships

Solid long term strategic partnerships with all our suppliers are key to our successful growth and expansion. We are very selective in choosing the strategic partners we want to establish long term relationships with. Innovation, market leadership, quality, flexibility, reliability and support are crucial selection criteria.

Wide product range and availability

Wide product range and availability

Our extensive product range and the constant availability of our products close to our customers are key to the service we want to offer. Our major concern is to constantly meet all delivery needs and to guarantee delivery on time and on the exact location. With large stocks in over 30 warehouses we guarantee to satisfy to our customers’ needs. We want our customers to see us as a solutions provider and a one stop shop.


Logistics excellence

33 warehouses located close to our customers, our own transportation facilities and state of the art IT infrastructure allow us to offer a 12 to 24 hour delivery service to all our customers in Europe. We aim to be outstanding in speed, efficiency and accuracy.



People are the heart and the soul of our organization. We consider our employees to be the most valuable asset of our organization. IPCOM employees are experts in their field and they all share the same passion for both the product and the customer.