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03-02-2014 Leading Norwegian insulation wholesaler changes name from Kaimann AS to Isopartner AS

The leading Norwegian insulation wholesaler Kaimann became in September 2013 a part of the IPCOM group, and will from now on be known as Isopartner AS. - Once again we strengthen the supply to the market, says Isopartner’s CEO Arne Schultz.

The company has been owned since 1992 by the German insulation manufacturer Kaimann GmbH. The transition to IPCOM, an alliance of European insulation wholesalers, creates several positive effects for the company;

- As we look back on 22 years of history and become a part of a large wholesaler group, we are stronger than ever in supplier negotiations. Without being tied up to a particular manufacturer, we can now also widen the product range. Total package ensures further competitive advantages for our customers, says Schultz.

Not a random name selection

- The Company name “Isopartner” reflects what has always been our customer philosophy. Our customers are not just customers. They are partners, and our goal is to strengthen their competitiveness so that they succeed. In order to do that, we must be flexible enough to adapt individual solutions. In the future, we also want to be even more present where our customers are, with local support, says Isopartner’s CEO Arne Schultz.

With strong focus to provide individual solutions we will tailor our products range to meet the new requirements.

As member of the IPCOM Group, our Norwegian clients benefits from our professional expertise and flexibility that a large international network entails. 

Isopartner new name for Kaimann AS
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