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CROSSLINK Building Supplies

Experts in construction specialties and insulation for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Crosslink building supplies is the valuable link between manufacturers and dealers of building materials and insulation products. The Crosslink team selects the best products and suppliers, negotiates good prices and provides excellent service for its professional customers.

Building insulation
Passive fire protection

Direct line between manufacturer and customer

The best "link"!

First and foremost Crosslink has set itself the goal of seeking out the best manufacturers and the best performing suppliers on the market for a whole series of products for the construction and insulation sector.

We strive constantly to offer you the best prices and the best service. We guarantee accurate and fast deliveries to your depot or on site. In order to deliver what we promise, we make firm agreements with multiple manufacturers and suppliers.

Drop shipping

This technique, known as "drop shipping", guarantees the shortest, fastest and most direct line between manufacturer and dealer. Crosslink also takes on the responsibility for coordinating, billing and technical advice.



drop shipping Crosslink insulation solutions

Meet the Crosslink management

Danny Van den Branden managing director at Crosslink Building Supplies
Danny Van den Branden
Managing Director

CROSSLINK Building Supplies

Crosslink Building Supplies
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