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TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions B.V.

TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions is an independent manufacturer that offers a strong selection of Phenolic Insulation products such as Insul-Phen, Rhino-Phen and Fire-Phen.

Thermal insulation
Passive fire protection

Your reliable partner for your Phenolic Solutions

Whether you require high-performance insulation for industrial applications or superior fire resistance for commercial projects, TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions BV is your reliable partner.

You'll find a diverse range of products that can help you complete your project with ease:

Insul-Phen is a premium phenolic insulation product that provides excellent thermal efficiency while maintaining a lightweight composition. It offers outstanding energy conservation properties, making it ideal for applications where thermal performance is crucial. With Insul-Phen, you can ensure optimal insulation in various settings, including HVAC systems, refrigeration units, and industrial piping.

Rhino-Phen, another top-tier phenolic insulation solution, combines exceptional insulation capabilities with remarkable mechanical strength. This product is specifically engineered to withstand extreme conditions and provide long-lasting performance in demanding environments. Rhino-Phen is commonly used in applications such as power plants, oil refineries, chemical facilities, and other heavy-duty industries.

When it comes to fire protection, the Fire-Phen line of phenolic insulation products excels. Fire-Phen offers superior fire resistance properties, making it an ideal choice for fireproofing applications. This high-performance insulation helps delay the spread of flames and maintains structural integrity during fire incidents. Fire-Phen is widely used in buildings, tunnels, transportation systems, and other fire-risk areas where safety is of utmost importance.


Meet the TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions BV management

Bert Merkenhof
Managing Director

TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions B.V.

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4906 AD Oosterhout

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