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Healthcare & medical

Healthy environments

It goes without saying that insulation materials meant for healthcare and medical services meet extremely strict hygiene requirements. For this, IPCOM provides certified insulation solutions of the highest quality. Our experts are well-informed when it comes to these regulations and help create healthy environments for patients as well as for the medical staff.

Creating safe havens

Safety and energy efficiency

Health care facilities consume large amounts of energy. Therefore insulation is important to avoid energy loss. Moreover, by using fire resistant insulation materials the safety of the building and the people inside is ensured.

IPCOM delivers insulation solutions that are certified for use in the medical sector. Our products meet high hygiene standards to ensure fire safety, energy efficiency, and comfortable environments.

Create healthy environments for patients and medical staff

Healthy air

Correct use of insulation materials allows close and more accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity in hospitals. This is important to prevent the production and spread of contaminants and create healthy working conditions for medical personnel, all while meeting the needs of patients.

Acoustic comfort for better recovery

Noise levels in hospitals and healthcare facilities have doubled the last few decades. This noise distraction may not only cause dispensing errors because of concentration difficulties but more importantly it affects the patient's healing process. Noise can compromise sleep quality, which is absolutely vital for a good recovery. Our certified insulation solutions create healthy and comfortable environments.

IPCOM contributes to healthy air and good recovery
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