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Oil & gas

Technical know-how

Thanks to our experience in delivering insulation solutions for the oil and gas industry, we can help accomplish large and complex projects. IPCOM experts can be consulted to find the best solution and deliver it to projects of any size.

Expert advice and result-oriented thinking

Wide range of solutions

Projects in the oil and gas industry are often very complex. Safety and technical efficiency are prioritized and specialists need to analyse potential risks before describing the measures that have to be taken in each specific project. Thanks to its extensive experience in the field, IPCOM can offer expert advice and provide a complete offer that covers all insulation areas of expertise: fire protection, technical and high temperature insulation and noise control.

Prevent Corrosion Under Insulation

IPCOM companies have all the necessary experience to make the right decisions and choose the best solution for each project. Specifically in this sector, they help their customers prevent CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation), a problem that costs the oil and gas industry millions each year in inspections and repair costs. Thanks to IPCOM's protective insulation solutions, pipeline leaks can be reduced significantly and repair costs are cut down.

Insulation solutions for oil refineries
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