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14-06-2012 First Nordic acquisition with the Swedish market leader Profisol AB

June 13th 2012 IPCOM NV, Insulation Products Company, a Belgian group of European distributors of insulation materials, has acquired all shares of Profisol AB. Profisol AB is a major wholesaler of technical insulation products in the Swedish market, with branches in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Växjö.

The acquisition of Profisol fits in the strategy of IPCOM to become a leading group of insulation wholesalers in Europe. Today Ipcom is market leader in Belgium (Waeyaert-Vermeersch Isolatie, Isowill, Schellekens Bouwproducten, Isolteam), has a strong position in the technical insulation market in the Netherlands (Jacosol) and is working on the expansion of its activities throughout Europe.

Within the IPCOM group, Profisol will continue to operate as an independent company with the same management and staff as before. It is the mission of IPCOM to support the Profisol management, to provide the necessary resources and to leverage on positive synergies in order to realize the potential growth for Profisol in the technical insulation market.

“Profisol was founded by a number of people who are passionate about technical insulation and service to the customer. Now we have an owner who feels the same way. Being a part of a group of like-minded companies involves benefits for our customers and partners, offers greater potential and secures the future of our company and our staff” says Profisols CEO Bengt Petersson.

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