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07-07-2023 IPCOM strengthens its capabilities and expertise by acquiring TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions B.V.


IPCOM is pleased to announce the acquisition of TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions B.V. (“TEQTIX”), a world-class manufacturer in producing and developing Phenolic solutions.

TEQTIX, based in Oosterhout (NB), the Netherlands, offers a strong selection of Phenolic Insulation products such as Insul-Phen, Rhino-Phen, and Fire-Phen. These top-quality products meet industry standards for thermal insulation performance, fire-resistant properties and high mechanical strength thanks to their closed-cell structure. They are widely utilized in pipe insulation, pipe supports, technical insulation boards and Fire-Phen as core material for fireproofing applications.

ISOPARTNER, an IPCOM Group company, is a valued customer of TEQTIX and has extensive knowledge and expertise with the aforementioned products.

TEQTIX employs a team of 10 skilled employees.


“Joining forces with IPCOM will strengthen TEQTIX's position and accelerate our growth in Europe. Together, and given our expertise in complementary sectors, we will gain more scale and expand the offering to our customers. We look forward to working with the IPCOM team in many European countries”, said Bert Merkenhof, Managing Director of TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions.

“Today, we welcome TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions into the IPCOM Group. This acquisition strengthens our capabilities and expertise, especially with regard to Phenolic Insulation blocks. Phenolic as material has multiple benefits and is used in various countries in our ISOPARTNER business unit. TEQTIX Phenolic Solutions is a great company with dedicated employees and superior products", said Remco Boerefijn, CEO of IPCOM Group.

“The acquisition of TEQTIX by IPCOM is a wonderful addition to the Group as it further enhances the existing comprehensive portfolio of products for our customers.
As the leading European supplier of technical insulation products, the addition of phenolic insulation demonstrates our commitment to continually expand our offering of market-leading products and expertise to our customers”
, said Padraig Gillen, Managing Director of ISOPARTNER Ireland


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